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Summer Camp

Composition BackgroundEvery song I write, becomes my new favorite.  I listen to it over and again, until it becomes just as boring as any other song I've written.  Summer Camp though, I feel will be favorite for quite a while.  The inspiration of this piece came from a wonderful experience I had being a leader at Camp Imagination, my church's summer camp.  After Camp Imagination was over, I knew I wanted to write a song about it, but I couldn't think of any ideas for six months.  Finally in the depths of December, I buckled down, and got to work.  Teacher Tribute, which took eight months to write, is the only song that took longer to write than this one.  The only difference of course, is that on Teacher Tribute i was physically writing at least five days out of the week for the entire eight months.  

The piece is fast passed, and filled with fun.  The ecstatic percussion greatly contributes to the fun atmosphere.  Towards the middle of the piece, minor keys are thrown int…