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Shadow March

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Composition Background Even though Shadow March does not fulfill the complete requirements of a true march, it's a great piece that captures the shadows of our earth in music. As the sequel to Triumphant March, Shadow March is the musical opposite. Instead of the soaring triumphant melody, there is an evil, driving line, reminiscent of the fourth movement of The New World Symphony.
"I've been working quite a few *commissions lately," said Everett C. Davis, composer, "but I just haven't had any inspiration. Both marches I've written have been ways to continue to write music, and because they've been so easy to write, I didn't have to look past the classics, and John Williams for inspiration."

*Commissions of Everett C. Davis are really just composition requests, as that he does not request any money.

Progress on "The Kronos Suite"

Quite a while ago, I started composing a song called The Kronos Suite.  The song was based off of parts of the series by Rick Riordan called "Percy Jackson and the Olympians."  The piece opens with the scene from the first book, in which Annabeth and Percy chase Grover through the underworld.  Grover has a pair of flying shoes that seem to have a mind of their own.  Next up is a ballad that is the theme for Annabeth's, Luke's, and Thalia's friend ship.  The beautiful ballad however has remnants of the evil Lord Kronos's theme from the opening.  The next section is the music perfect for sailing on board The Queen Anne's Revenge.  After the main sailing theme, which sounds similar to The Pirates of the Caribbean, there is a mad scramble to swim through the treacherous waves that surround Siren Island.  Finally, I was able to with a good theme for the swim to Siren Island.
Mp3 of Piano Version

List of Works

This is a list of everything I've ever written or arranged. There is another page of music that is perform-able Scores, complete with covers are available for these songs. You can view these songs on the main music page.

I have most of the music that I have written, available to download. They are in midi and mp3, pdf, and or scorch, format. I don't have any of the music I've written from before 2008, but I'm working on it. Eventually, I will have everything I've ever written. Check back later for more. I just finished Triumphant March. Right now I'm working on Summer Camp, a song about my experiences being a staff at Camp Imagination this year. I'm also working on The Kronos Suite.
Piano MusicOriginal Compositions2005Redwall Music
(Completed in 2008)2007Asland and MerlinScout2008MisoThe Mind is a GardenViking ShipAlong Time Ago IAlong Time Ago II
(Completed in 2009)Along Time Ago IIIEmpetria
(Semi-completed in 2010)2010A West Orient Flag2011The Great Libra…

Story Part Two

Jennifer hated her life.  Her life was a CD player, destined to repeat one track for all eternity.  Every day looked exactly the same.  The drive to work, and then her job itself.  At work she counted down the hours until she could be home, and once she was home, she counted down the hours until she could fall asleep.              The two mile drive to work was fairly nice, because the trip down her mile long driveway had beautiful scenery the entire way.  Jennifer lived on top of a huge hill in the middle of a forest.  The narrow winding road was made of dirt and occasionally gravel, so the trip down the driveway took nearly an hour.              Jennifer worked for one of the most successful lawyers in the Seattle area, Joe Blimp.  She loved her job.  Ever since she had been little, Jennifer had dreamt of being a lawyer, defending those poor kids who were abused by their parents, or working for the freedom of wives from abusive husbands.              In Jennifer’s se…

Variation Form

A Variations movement consists of a Theme, usually made up of four or eight-bar phrases, and several Variations, in which the Theme is elaborated, developed, and transformed (within the Theme's harmonic and melodic framework). Usually, a variations movement ends with a Coda, which is not confined to the harmonic framework of the Theme

Variation form is a little different than the easier to write Ternary and Rondo, but it still has the same general idea.  There is a main theme, and in Variation form the that theme is the only theme.  It's normally a four or eight bar phrase.  After the theme is stated, there a several "variations" made to the theme as it is restated.  In the diagram above, the theme is restated three times, but the number of reinstatements is up to the composer.
Coda-"Wasn't That Was Sonata Form?" Codas or finales, are indeed part of both Variation and Sonata form.  The coda in both forms is the finale, and should stick in the audienc…

Rondo Form

Rondo form is basically a slightly more advanced version of ternary form.  Instead of two themes, there are three.  This means that instead of the structure being ABA as in ternary form, the structure is ABACABA.  When a theme is repeated, for a second, third or fourth time, a variation may be made to make it more interesting.  An example of this could be ABA2CA3B2A4.

Example of Rondo Form: Beethoven's Third Symphony in E Flat, 2nd Mvt.

Ternary Form

Ternary form is the easiest form in which a song can be written.  There are two themes.  The first can be called A, and the second can be called B.  A will be played, followed by B, and then A returns.  The structure of the song is then called ABA.  Sometimes A is modified the second time through, and this makes the song have the structure of ABA2.  In order to make the song long enough, each theme will need to be fairly long.
Example of Ternary Form: Brahms's Third Symphony in F, 4th Mvt.

Sonata Form

From the Classical period [onward]  composers have used Sonata Form to provide the basic framework for their symphonies. A knowledge of Sonata Form is crucial if you want to understand the great symphonies. —

Sonata form is the most complicated structure a piece of music can be written in.  There are many different parts that make up a Sonata as shown above by the diagram.  The cool thing about a Sonata is parts of it are repeated which makes a the songs seem much longer than they really are.  For example, in the diagram, there's a section that's dark blue, and called "Principal Subject."  Later on, there's another dark blue section, also called Principal Subject.  The second time what was written before hand will be repeated again.   The Exposition Above in the diagram, look for four words: Exposition, Development, Recapitulation, and Coda.  The Exposition and the Recapitulation are exactly the same, and we'll get to the Development and the Co…

Alfred Publishing Info

Because Alfred doesn't have any of it's publishing info online, here it is:
Thank you for giving Alfred Music Publishing the opportunity to see your work! We review every submission carefully to ensure that our publications are of the highest quality and provide the maximum educational value. Please take extra care to follow all of our guidelines before mailing your work.

Manuscript submissions not specifically requested by one of Alfred's acquisition editors are considered unsolicited and will be reviewed under the following guidelines:

Alfred will review unsolicited manuscripts in the following areas only: concert band, jazz band, marching band, school choral, orchestra, handbell, percussion methods, and music classroom. Manuscripts are to be addressed to the editorial attention of one of these areas (e.g., Attn: Concert Band Editor).

Manuscripts are to be submitted in a manner consistent with notation for the product type (e.g., band and orchestra works should …


If you came to this section in hopes that it would explain publishing of a book, you have been let down. This section only talks about the mysteries of publishing mainly concert band music.
First have a pretty good piece of music, that you're sure people would want to play. Possibly have a teacher or older band student edit it to make sure it's playable: it sounds good, and is easy enough to play for the targeted performers.
Note: I would recommend having about six pieces ready to go. You can only send each piece to one publisher at a time; if they find out you've sent it to someone else, they may not ever do business with you again. Also, if both publishers like it, then you have to admit to both of them that you broke the rules. Now you lost out on both of those publishers. When you find a publisher that will publish something, you have a better chance with doing business with them in the future. Find that publisher can be a slow going process, so sending out more than…

Musical Biography

Every composer has a story of how they began composing. Mine is a very ironic one. After searching the CD shelf, in fourth, grade for classical music, and finding none, I began to right this wrong I thought existed. Was there classical music on the shelf? Probably. But can you really see a little fourth grader truly being able to successfully search the shelf of two hundred albums and find what he's looking for? Probably not.
My parents tell me I started making up songs on the piano as soon as I was able to sit at the piano bench and reach the keys. The first time I remember composing a melody however, was in second grade.
I was trying to convince my parents that vegetables were inferior to carbohydrates. I sat down at the piano, and seeing Aura Lee sitting on the music stand, I played a d. Instead of playing the next note, g, I made up a song. The words were:
Carbohydrates are the best-est are the best. Unfortunately, the song did not …

Compositions Posted

I have written so many songs that it will take a very long time for the entire music division to be posted to the new Everettworks website.  It'll take a long time, but eventually it will happen.  So far all compositions from the original music website have been posted, with the music articles and my list of works still to come.

Everettmusic will also be releasing a piano music book filled with all piano my piano music.  I haven't always written music for band.  Before I started sixth grade, and was introduced to such an amazing ensemble, piano was all I knew.  The music I had written before sixth grade will be available.  However, it doesn't stop there.  When composing a song, I start with the piano.  Even though the song ends up for band, I still know the piano version.  I've begun to write those out, so all the band music will now be available for piano.

Two Sestina Pomes

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Recording InformationThis recording of Two Sestina Poems was made by the Sam Barlow Symphonic Band of 2012, on May 17, 2012.
Composition BackgroundIn French Poetry the Sestina is the most advanced form of poetry, and in music the Sonata is the most advanced form a movement can be written in. I thought it was fitting that a sonata was written about two sestina poems. The primary subject is about a sad and depressing poem called I Have Become the World, and the secondary subject is about a happy, joyous poem called The Power of Love. Both poems aren't famous, and can't be found publicly.
I Have Become the WorldPain
is a necessity in life.
It makes emotion more bearable
and prolongs the bitter yet comforting end.
Even more than the end itself, the world is cold.
And where it is coldest there exists only death.

Some think of it as a tragedy when death
in reality does not bring pain.
Its onl…

Triumphant March

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Composition Background The last two song's I'd written were both in general depressing and sad songs. In musical terms, they were in a minor key, so I knew that my next song that I would write must be in a major key. I went as far as I could with this song, trying to break the record I had set with "Teacher Tribute." I feel that I definitely have. This piece will be a great new closer for my album.

The Great Library Mvt. I

Composition BackgroundWhen he was in eighth grade, Davis wrote a story called The Great Library for English class.  He then proceed to write theme for his story.

Escaping the Supernova

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Composition BackgroundThe idea for Escaping the Supernova came from my friend Jake. I didn't have any ideas for what compose next, so I asked him. He told me to write a song about a supernova, and this was the resulting song.
This song tells the story of a group of travelers voyaging among the stars. Unfortunately, they get to close to a star that has just exploded into a beautiful but deadly supernova.
The friends need to escape, and are on their way. One person on the voyage, upon seeing the beautiful explosion, stops the ship to watch. His friends catch the mistake just in time, and continue their journey home.

Teacher Tribute

Recording Information Teacher Tribute was recorded performed in concert on May 21, 2012, by the Sam Barlow Freshman Band, Everett C. Davis conductor.   Composition Background For those of you who aren't aware, teachers are some of the most important people that are part of our lives. A lot of the time, the hard work they put in to their kid's future is over looked. If they weren't part of our lives however, I'd be scared to see what the future would like, because they are one of the main forces that shape the future.

A West Orient Flag

Recording Information The above mp3 was performed by the West Orient Eighth Grade Concert band on May 25, 2011. Everett C. Davis, conductor.

Story Needs Title

The annoying clatter of an extra loud alarm clock woke Geo from a good dream.  He dragged himself out of bed and staggered to the bathroom to get ready for work.  The sky outside was lit up with a sunrise, the beauty of a new day.  The wonders of his Geo’s life though stopped here.  Only two months ago his wife had left him, and had gotten sole custody of their son Lucas.  To make matter worse, today was Lucas’s seventh birthday, but Geo would not be part of the festivities.  His wife lived in California, and even though it was only a short plane trip away, it may as well have been a universe.  His ex-wife had provided hardly convincing evidence that Geo had been a drug user and dealer.  Her claims were specious and had absolutely no support, but for some reason the judge had taken his son away from him.              The chatter of birds in the backyard, and the racket of his neighbor’s lawn mower jolted Geo from his thoughts of self-pity.  What was anyone in their right…

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About a month ago, EverettWorks decided to rewrite it’s website with mobile capabilities. Now, we’ve decided to make it a blog instead of a website.  The blog will better show what Everettworks is up to.  Please check back later for more awesome-ness….

Right now, is being rewritten as a blog and also to support mobile devices. The original website is available, and will only close after all the pages have been rewritten for mobile. EW WebDev has foretasted completion as April 20th.
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