Progress on "The Kronos Suite"

Quite a while ago, I started composing a song called The Kronos Suite.  The song was based off of parts of the series by Rick Riordan called "Percy Jackson and the Olympians."  The piece opens with the scene from the first book, in which Annabeth and Percy chase Grover through the underworld.  Grover has a pair of flying shoes that seem to have a mind of their own.  Next up is a ballad that is the theme for Annabeth's, Luke's, and Thalia's friend ship.  The beautiful ballad however has remnants of the evil Lord Kronos's theme from the opening.  The next section is the music perfect for sailing on board The Queen Anne's Revenge.  After the main sailing theme, which sounds similar to The Pirates of the Caribbean, there is a mad scramble to swim through the treacherous waves that surround Siren Island.  Finally, I was able to with a good theme for the swim to Siren Island.

Mp3 of Piano Version


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