If you came to this section in hopes that it would explain publishing of a book, you have been let down. This section only talks about the mysteries of publishing mainly concert band music.
First have a pretty good piece of music, that you're sure people would want to play. Possibly have a teacher or older band student edit it to make sure it's playable: it sounds good, and is easy enough to play for the targeted performers.
Note: I would recommend having about six pieces ready to go. You can only send each piece to one publisher at a time; if they find out you've sent it to someone else, they may not ever do business with you again. Also, if both publishers like it, then you have to admit to both of them that you broke the rules. Now you lost out on both of those publishers. When you find a publisher that will publish something, you have a better chance with doing business with them in the future. Find that publisher can be a slow going process, so sending out more than one piece at a time can help speed it up.
Click here to see a list of quite a few band publishers. I've done a lot of the work for you: I've picked out the best ones.
  • C.L. Barnhouse Company
    • Barnhouse is a very popular publishing company; I myself have played music from them in band.
    • When making a submission, send: a cover letter, full score, and a recording, by email to For more information, Click here
  • Lorenz
    • Lorenz, allthough I've never played anything from them seem very reliable. Unfortunately, they are not accepting any concert band submission as of 1/16/12.
    • To make a submission, send the pdf of your score to For More information, click here.
  • Grand Mesa
    • Grand Messa is probably the most forgiving publishing company. I have indeed played songs from them, and liked them very much.
    • Submit works in Sibelius or Finale form. For More information, click here.
  • Alfred
    • The most popular music publisher ever! Try and get yourself published through these people. (You get a cool cover!)
    • Because you have to contact Alfred asking for guildlines, I've posted their letter here.
  • Neil A. Kjos
    • This company is one the most popular companies for publishing I've ever found. They seem to prefer music for younger grades.
    • Their submission guidelines are rather snobby. All submission must be recieved by march 15th. A score and CD recording must be sent. Reviewing of submissions take place in the spring. For More information, click here.
  • C. Alan
    • To be considered for publication from C. Alan, send a Cover Letter, List of Works (published and unpublished), Score that you want published, as well as a recoring, to P.O. Box 29323
      Greensb oro, NC 27429-9323. For More information, click here.
  • Phoebus
    • The weirdest publishing company out there. They call themselves The "Publisher of unusual music."
    • They can be contacted at, 1303 Faust Ave
      Oshkosh, WI 54902, or (920) 231-9231.
  • BAS
    • Another publishing company. They have no information about submisions, but can be contacted at P.O. Box 176 Athens, OH 45701-0176,, 1-740-592-3036 (Phone) and 1-740-592-3036 (Fax). Click here for contact information.


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