Musical Biography

Every composer has a story of how they began composing. Mine is a very ironic one. After searching the CD shelf, in fourth, grade for classical music, and finding none, I began to right this wrong I thought existed. Was there classical music on the shelf? Probably. But can you really see a little fourth grader truly being able to successfully search the shelf of two hundred albums and find what he's looking for? Probably not.
My parents tell me I started making up songs on the piano as soon as I was able to sit at the piano bench and reach the keys. The first time I remember composing a melody however, was in second grade.
I was trying to convince my parents that vegetables were inferior to carbohydrates. I sat down at the piano, and seeing Aura Lee sitting on the music stand, I played a d. Instead of playing the next note, g, I made up a song. The words were:
Carbohydrates are the best-est are the best.
Unfortunately, the song did not serve it's intended purpose.
In forth grade, as said above, I began composing regularly. I wrote a song called The Sun, which was latter added to, and renamed Asland and Merlin after my two goats. A piece for my dog Scout, and another for my dog Miso followed. The carbohydrates song, was also added to and renamed Redwall Music, after a series I had been reading at the time.
Up until now, the only ensemble I was aware of was piano. Up until now, I had been using Cakewalk Audio Pro which had came out in 1999. Up until now, I couldn't figure out how to get Cakewalk to give me more than one track, or change the instrument. Up until now, I was fine with that. I was fine with that until sixth grade, beginning band.

When we played our first "wonderful" note in band, I realized that I wanted to write music for concert band. I figured out how to work cakewalk, and started writing band music. My goal ever since fourth grade had been to get performed in some way. Ever since sixth grade, I've tried to create piece that we might play at a school concert. I decided a really good place to start would be with my middle school's colors: White, Purple, and Black.

I remembered the words of my band teacher: "Free music? I'm in!", meaning if someone was willing to give her their music, (if it was good) she would love to have it. For our third concert of eighth grade, which was on may twenty fifth, 2011, I was able to have one of my songs performed. The song was named A West Orient Flag, the one about the my school colors which is mentioned above.

Moving from middle school to highshool was a big change: I left behind teachers, the school building itself. Band in highschool, is so much different than middle school band. I learned a lot from middle school band, and am going to learn a lot from high school band.
In tribute to my middle school, I wrote a song called Teacher Tribute, that my middle school teacher is going to play. I can't wait to hear my music yet again performed.
Also, on February 3, 2012, I submitted a song called Two Sestina Poems to Grand Mesa Publishing company. Hopefully, they will chose to publish it. Wish me luck....


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