New Plans for Music

I've been thinking over ideas for new compositions, recently and thought I'd share them.  
  • Summer Camp
    • I've actually started, and am well into the composition process of, this song, but since it has not yet been released to the public yet, I'll mention it here.  The inspiration of this piece came from a wonderful experience I had being a leader at Camp Imagination, my church's summer camp.  The main part of the piece is fast passed, and filled with fun.  The ecstatic percussion greatly contributes to the fun atmosphere.  Towards the middle of the piece, the tempo slows down.  This melodic ballad section is to show how lives, of the leaders as well as the kids, were changed by Camp Imagination.  For the finale, tempo picks back up, and returns to the opening, fun theme.  
  • A World of Ice
    • About a year ago, I had an idea for a song that depicted what life might have looked like for one who was depressed.  I feel I messed it up quite a bit, when I wrote Two Sestina Poems   That song was written for sixth or seventh grade band, and now I don't think it truly captured the right mood.  A World of Ice will be me attempting again depict depression in music.  Some friends I have who have been depressed have described the world as cold, and that's why the title will be A World of Ice.  
  • Cannons of War
    • Cannons of War in some ways is joke.  I mean, in the olden days, cannons were used in war, so the song will reflect the atmosphere of a battlefield.  The joke comes from the fact that the song will be written as a "cannon," or a "round," which is a type of song.  
Besides these three songs I have planned, there is one more song called The Kronos Suite.  I'm about a third of the way through it, but cannot think of a way to finish it.  Because of this, I doubt it will be released to the public anytime soon.  


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